We are data specialists.

If your business deals in enterprise data – large amounts of information about people, organisations or properties/locations – then outsource non-core data processing and complete data management to South Africa’s specialists, at a fraction of the cost to do in-house.

What we do

We give you information you can trust so you can turn around faster on decisions. We deliver golden records and eliminate data duplicates, enabling you to know your customers, market contextually, and service your customers better. We get different data silos (marketing and accounts) talking to one another painlessly. We also can operationalise your data processes within your organisation.

What we don't do

We don’t replace BI service providers responsible for implementing data storage or extraction services, data integrations, data process automation or related consulting services. We don’t sell data software.

“Our focus is only to clean, enrich and maintain data.”

Why choose Gmaven as your data management partner?


Data cleaning and enrichment is our core business


We have 8 years’ experience in data wrangling, a pioneering field

EIM expertise

EIM skills, specifically ETL, traditional and agile data warehousing, data integration and reporting

Endorsed algorithms

Our process automation algorithms are endorsed by the IDC’s SPII programme

Data focus

We focus on 3 of the 4 major databases in SA: consumers, businesses, properties/locations


Delivering solutions within short turn arounds, and budget

Horizontal interventions

We not only process data vertically – we also process data horizontally

Data assets

We grow, maintain and enhance SA’s best business assets


Our commercial real estate background drives our data quality obsession

We believe that you pay only for results.

Pricing is not one size fits all – each business has different needs. Pricing is based on a combination of: data fields requiring processing, original database quality, number of database records, and timelines. We can advise you with options on the most efficient way forward.