Poor data is costing organisations an average of R179.6M per year*

* Source Gartner (March 2015) , based on participants responses to a 2014 Gartner Data Quality study, and a ZAR:USD exchange rate of R13.5
Get to the analysis you can trust.

Our data quality services include data cleaning, also known as data wrangling, which involves taking out, or correcting, data that will make the analysis false in any way. For example, the same location might be written out as JHB, Joburg and Johannesburg.
We standardise and structure (vertical data cleaning) your fields, and correct the fields in your records (horizontal data cleaning), so you can trust all information and make your analysis count, fast.

“It is a remarkable achievement, taking into consideration how incomplete the data was… I would recommend Gmaven any time to do work in the future for any company, they went beyond the call of duty to deliver a high-quality product.”
Belinda Janneke, Senior Specialist
Telkom Program Assurance
A bucket with a mop for Gmaven data cleaning
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